Sailogy General Boat Booking Process

Sailogy General Boat Booking Process

Are you ready to make a booking? This is great!

Here is how it works:

There are three main elements of your reservation: the boat, the extras and the refundable security deposit.

STEP 1. The boat is paid in two installments: 50% (Downpayment) at the time of booking and 50% (Balance Payment) about 1 month before departure. If you choose to book online you have the convenince to make an initial very small payment; This will give you the chance to review the order you just made and an additional 24-48 hours to pay the 50% Downpayment. If you are in touch with one of Sailogy's Travel Consultants you can decide to pay the 50% Downpayment via credit card (on the website) or via bank transfer.

In case you are booking "last minute", which is less than 30 days prior to departure, you will be asked to pay at the same time the Downpayment and the Balance Payment.

STEP 2.  Before booking you will be able to see the list of all available extras for your boat, with the specific price for each extras. Some extras will be "mandatory", such as cleaning fees for example. All extras will be paid on the day of departure, directly at the base. Please be advised that in some bases only cash payments are available.

STEP 3.  The refundable security deposit is always paid at the marina before checkin-in and refunded to you at check-out, provided you did not damage the boat. If you prefer, you can insure the security deposit. 

Once your reservation if finalised and fully booked Sailogy will provide you with all details of the charter company in case you want to be in touch with them. Also, a few days before departure you will be required to "check-in" online. This will reduce the time you spend at the marina on the day of departure.