Travelling to Italy? Your go-to integrated platform for Covid testing

Travelling to Italy? Your go-to integrated platform for Covid testing

OneCheck. More than 250 centres throughout Italy and guaranteed results.

Are considering an i trip and wonder how to deal with it in Covid times, especially in the need of swabs or antigen tests? We would like to introduce you to a company that meets that need exactly. It is OneCheck.

What is OneCheck?

OneCheck was born as an initiative during the Covid-19 period with the desire to make a contribution to the recovery of international air traffic.
The project, initially born as a pilot project together with an Italian tour operator, has subsequently developed thanks to partnerships with some of the main European airlines and thanks to the integration with the main diagnostic centres in Italy.

Through OneCheck's simple and intuitive interface, you will be able to book all types of Covid-19 tests in the nearest diagnostic centres from a single platform, pay securely online and finally receive the results digitally.  The platform is integrated with the main national diagnostic centres and offers widespread coverage throughout Italy to provide a reliable service of reports through a digital wallet mechanism. 

Tests can be booked online. 

OneCheck helps you to

  • choose among numerous diagnostic centres the one closest to your home or place of work;
  • facilitate appointment management;
  • automate the bureaucratic and tedious process of filling out the Consent Forms required for covid-19 tests;
  • simplifies the receipt and management of reports also (and especially) for your future travels, by providing up-to-date information on the travel requirements for the country of destination;
  • no additional or higher costs than at your chosen Testing Centre.

How does OneCheck work? 

Once you log in to the OneCheck Portal you will be able to choose the type of test you want, select the date, time and diagnostic centre most convenient for you.

You will be able to make your payment through the platform and receive a summary of your appointment. As soon as the test results are ready, you will be notified by email or text message to view the results. On the OneCheck Portal you can view and download your results quickly and easily. You will receive the rapid antigen test in 1 hour and the molecular PCR test in 48-72 hours. Through your dashboard you can access your data and reports at any time and from any device. 

Find out more about how it works on the OneCheck website here.