Rent a Catamaran in Aegadian Islands

Catamaran Hire in Aegadian Islands

Sail in style and luxury with elegant and spacious Catamarans. They are perfect for large groups, and allows you to access both main attraction, as well as the secluded bays and coves of the magnificent archipelago of the Aegadian Islands. You can rent a catamaran in Aegadian islands with or without a skipper. The three main islands of the archipelago have a lot to offer in terms of tremendous natural beauty and a rich historic background reflected in every stone and pebble. The coastline is embellished with caves and beautiful golden sand coastlines, making for a truly remarkable beach holiday. 

Favignana is the largest of all the Aegadian islands. It is also the most easily accessible when you rent a catamaran in Aegadian islands. It is closest to the main ports in Sicily, mainly those in Trapani and Marsala. The beautiful coastline stretches across an area of 9kms and has a unique butterfly shape. It is equally dainty and aquatic as its shape, with a lot of wondrous and dreamy landscapes that will leave you in awe. You can also rent a catamaran in Aegadian islands from the central part of Favignana, with a bustling port and a large marketplace. The markets include Europe Square, Matrix Square and Marina Square. It also has the mother church, which goes back to the 18th century with an antique, mystical construction. 

Apart from these, Favignana has many beautiful beaches to flaunt. The golden sand is shiny and welcoming, soaking and warming the feet as you admire the clear blue waters surrounded by rocky mountainous cliffs. When you rent a catamaran in Aegadian islands, you can access the beautiful rocky shores, secluded sandy bays and coves, as well as a beautiful network of reefs that’s only reachable by sea. If you love the sand and tropical beachy vibe, you will love the northern stretch of the island where you can enjoy a nice swim or even go deep water diving. 

Another beautiful spot in Favignana is Cala d’Azur, named after the crystalline azure ocean that forms a dreamy landscape with scenic beauty at sunset. It is located on the eastern side of the island, and is very famous for its clear waters. When sailing over the waters of the beach, you can admire the colorful and playful fishes swimming deep within the ocean. Lastly, the pearly white beaches of Ravine and Marasolo are equally beautiful and easily accessible by a catamaran. 

If you are looking for a bit of an adventurous flair, head to the eastern coast with Cala Rossa and Bue Marino. Here you can set a height from the many rocks and cliffs and take a dip into the ocean by a thrilling dive. These are the popular and most visited beaches of the island, however, there’s much more to explore from Stack Punta, Centre Iron, Punta Marsala, Punta Sottile, Grotto Perciata, Punta Lunga and Cala Rotonda. All of these will satisfy the craving for sea and nature within your heart, and give you an amazing nautical experience you’ll never forget. 

If you wish to rent a catamaran in Aegadian islands, try the wonderful offers and good value by Sailogy. The catamarans are big and capacious, ideal for large parties and a luxurious vacation. Sailogy offers trained skippers if you’d like to rent a catamaran in Aegadian islands with skipper, as they can help you enjoy a laidback sailing experience while taking you to the best spots of the island. If you have the necessary experience and license, you can also go for a catamaran without skipper, and be the captain of your own boat. 

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