Rent a Catamaran in Cyclades

Catamaran Hire in Cyclades

There are sailboats and there are motorboats and most people have a distinctive opinion on which is better. If you’re not sure, or simply want to explore additional options, then it's time you rent a catamaran in Cyclades.

Why the Cyclades? Because there are over 200 islands in this group, that’s enough space for you to get lost in and find yourself while enjoying the experience!

Choosing a catamaran means you’re getting the best of both worlds. Catamarans can be motor or sail, their dual hulls generally offer better stability than monohull boats like standard sailboats and motor cruisers. They also offer more space than a comparatively sized boat. 

Of course, a catamaran is wider and takes more space when mooring, that’s why you may prefer to have a skipper that can handle the more delicate maneuvers for you.

Catamarans are available in a variety of sizes, you’ll need to check out Sailogy to decide which is the right one for you. Once you’ve chosen the right size and number of berths you’ll find the booking process is surprisingly simple. Every catamaran in our website  is maintained to a high standard and you’ll enjoy our full support while you have the freedom of the high seas.

Your decision to rent a catamaran in Cyclades could be the best decision you ever make. 

Whether you choose to rent a catamaran in Cyclades with or without a skipper you’ll be in charge of your own vacation, it’s your decision where to go and what to do. A skipper will make suggestions and will know places that are only known to locals. But, with over 200 islands to explore you can have a fantastic time skippering yourself.

There are a few places you should check out:

You’ve probably heard of Mykonos, the party capital of the Cyclades. However, you may not have heard of its smaller sister, Ios. The days and nights are always the same, relax on the beach and party all night. In fact, although it’s the smaller sister, the atmosphere is actually even better than Mykonos, you’ll never want to leave.

 Of course, you will leave, you have your own catamaran waiting!

At the very center of the Cyclades is this mythological Greek island, supposedly the birthplace of Apollo and Artemius. Today this UNESCO listed site is effectively one archeological site. There are numerous ruins that are surprisingly well preserved considering they’ve been sat here for thousands of years. 

After dwelling on the past glory of the Cyclades you need to sample the finest cuisine in the Cyclades. This is reputed to be on Sifnos

You may also want to note that while the capital, Apollonia, is full of boutique shops and restaurants, most visitors come to hike the massive number of picturesque trails. You may want to try one while you’re here.

You can also step away from it all by checking out Serifos. This island doesn’t really do the tourist trade, allowing you to enjoy the unspoiled beaches, check out the capital Hora, and visit the monastery, all while enjoying the incredibly friendly local hospitality.

The Small Cyclades are the best place to take your catamaran and pretend you’re lost. It consists of 4 larger uninhabited islands, along with plenty of small islands. You’ll find the famous beaches of Schinousa here, along with some quality hiking and peace on Iraklia. But, the best part is that you’ll feel like an explorer, as though you’re the first person to ever set foot on these islands.

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