Rent a Catamaran in Sporades Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire In Sporades Without Skipper

When you are looking for the utmost privacy and a whole lot of freedom during your vacation, then it would be best to rent a catamaran in Sporades without a skipper. All you need is a license to sail a catamaran and some experience with this watercraft and you are good to go. You can explore all twenty-four islands of the Sporades aboard such a luxurious watercraft - this will surely be a memorable vacation that you will cherish forever. 

The Sporades is made up of twenty-four awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful islands. When you get off the airport in Skiathos, you can go to some of the fun beach resorts in the area or straight to the main port to board your catamaran. Just a few kilometers away are the other inhabited islands in the Sporades including Skyros, Skopelos, and Alonissos. 

All other 20 islands in the Sporades are unspoiled and simply magnificent. There are so many beaches to visit, lounge in, and enjoy water activities. There are also plenty of lush greeneries to admire and explore. You can go on foot to travel and discover tourist attractions on land such as the main location for the Mamma Mia! film in Skopelos. There are charming villages, the lovely chapel, and street after street is picturesque and just beautiful! 

When you go to Alonissos, the largest marine reserve in the Mediterranean, you might just spot dolphins playing and jumping above the water surface. Monk seals might get spotted too and they’re just too adorable to ignore! Snorkel, dive, swim and enjoy a ton of other activities during your visit. 

Because the Sporades is an archipelago, the best way to explore all of the islands is by water. This way, you won’t have to share your seat on a crowded ferry filled with tourists. You can choose from a variety of catamarans available on Sailogy - there are large ones if you want so much space on the boat. 

When you rent a catamaran in Sporades without skipper, you have all the freedom to go from island to island at your own pace. Some travelers would rent a catamaran for weeks at a time because a few days or even a week wouldn’t be enough to explore all that the Sporades has to offer. There’s even no need for hotel accommodation anymore! Your catamaran would be comfortable enough to make you feel at home during your Sporades vacation. 

The best thing about visiting the Sporades is having a taste of their delicious cuisines. Because the islands are so rich with all the natural resources they need, all the ingredients used for the food there are very fresh! They have olives, olive oil, cheese, lamb, and of course, a lot of seafood too. You’ll be surprised how delicious the food is considering how the chefs in the island pack or plate them so simply. 

Although having a skipper would be a great thing especially if all you want to do during your vacation is relax and chill, it is still a good idea to rent a catamaran in Sporades without skipper. This gives you all the privacy you need on your boat and that one extra space for another companion too! Just plan your route and destinations in advance so you won’t miss any of the amazing sights and attractions in the Sporades. 

Look for the best catamarans for rent in Sporades at Sailogy and within just a few clicks, you will be able to choose the perfect one for your budget and requirements! Your dream vacation is truly just several clicks away! 

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