Rent a Motorboat in Lefkas With Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Lefkas With Skipper

The tropical paradise of Lefkas is situated in the heart of the Ionian Sea. It offers a wholesome travel experience, as you can explore the hidden gems of the Greek island and have a trip you’ll never forget. On the Northern end of Lefkada, you’ll see Corfu, and to the southern end, there are the famous islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia. This is one of the reasons why it has such a busy and popular hub, and the number one spot to rent a motorboat in Lefkas with or without skipper. If you are looking for a relaxed and laid back island vacation, the best option is to rent a motorboat with skipper, as they are trained guides and sailors that take you to the most famous attractions, as well as the hidden gems of the island while you can sit back and relax. 

Lefkada town has one of the calmest and easygoing harbors in the Ionian Sea. People come here to admire the beauty of the place and stroll around the area, even if they don’t wish to rent a motorboat. From the main port of the Lefkada town, there are a variety of beaches at your disposal just a few km from the marina. They stretch through north, west and east of the capital and are easily accessible by sea. The closest beach is located alongside the Santa Maura or Agii Mavra fortress east of the Lefkada port. It has a composed, soothing atmosphere with deep blue water and a fascinating lighthouse. It begins at the edge of the wide stretching protective strip that surrounds the town to the north, enclosing a deep blue lagoon. 

The beaches are rocky and secluded, with crystal clear waters that invite you to take a dip and feel the sun on your skin. Sailing to the west end of the port, you’ll stumble upon the ‘Blue Flag’ beach with finer, golden colored sand and calm waters. The area is called Aghios Ioannis and is only 1.5km west from the town. It contains five antique windmills, and is a famous spot for windsurfing. 

Another prominent port to begin your sailing adventures in Lefkas is Vassiliki. It is only 40kms from the main town of Lefkas, and serves as the main windsurfing hub of the island, and is nestled on the southern coast where it stretches over a wide bay. It faces the Ithaka and Keffalonia, and the ferry port allows you to set sail for both of these picturesque islands. When you rent a motorboat with skipper, you don’t have to worry about the routes and main attractions, as they’ll steer you to the right direction with their expert knowledge and experience. 

Vassiliki beach has a sandy shoreline embellished with white pebbles and shingle. The water is crystal clear and ideal for those who are trying their luck at windsurfing. There are also a number of small beaches along the south east coast from Vassiliki, including Agiofili. It is easily accessible via sailing from the Vassiliki port, and offers a chance to enjoy longer boat trips in a less crowded and more intimate setting. There are charming villages and a lovely lighthouse around the south tip of the island. 

Sailogy has a variety of affordable options to rent a motorboat in Lefkas with skipper. The reliable and trained skippers will show you the best parts of the island in a safe and exciting sailing trip. It is the best option for those who are looking for a private and more tailored experience, but don’t have the license or knowledge of sailing the motorboat themselves. Rent a motorboat in Lefkas with Sailogy and enjoy the reasonable pricing and lovely motorboats to have a distinct boat tour.

1 boat
  • Power boat
  • 2002
  • 49 ft

Azimut 46

Lefkas, Lefkas Area

  • Skipper on board
  • 6 berths
  • 3 cabins
  • 2 WC
    Starting from€12,880

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