Rent a Sailboat in Lefkas With Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Lefkas With Skipper

Lefkas boat tours is one of the best ways to explore the magnificence and grandeur of the Ionian Sea. When plan to rent a sailboat in Lefkas, one of the most important decisions to make is whether you want to go for a skipper or not. A trained and expert skipper is basically the captain of the boat, and also your tour guide. It is a good option to rent a sailboat in Lefkas with skipper if you are just looking for a relaxing time, while the experienced skipper sails through the most amazing parts of the island, and lets you in on all the interesting facts there are to know. 

There are a variety of sailboats with skippers that have departure points on Lefkas. The spellbinding beaches and majestic cliffs are easily accessible by sea, and there are other lovely islands in close proximity. When you rent a sailboat in Lefkas with skipper, you get to know all about the area and the surrounding beaches that are well worth your visit. Make use of this amazing opportunity and consider these unrivaled sailboat tours to Lefkas. 

The boat tours depart from many spots throughout the island. One of these is the Nydri-Fiscardo-Ithaca tour starting from Nydri. The boat takes you through the tranquil fishing village in Kionia in northern Ithaca. It is known for providing a refreshing caffeine boost to sleepy tourists, and also serves a variety of cocktails by the tasteful seaside cafeterias. You can also have a quick swim before getting back on the sailboat. From here, the next nearest spot is Fiscardo which is also a village in Kefalonia Island. The quaint, traditional houses and narrow streets will take you back to simpler times, and the picturesque beauty and simple architecture makes for a great holiday card. 

Another plus point to rent a sailboat in Lefkas with skipper is that they take you to some of the most celebrated beaches of Lefkas. These include Egremni and Porto Katsiki. When exploring these beaches by land, one has to climb down several steep stairs, but when you rent a sailboat in Lefkas with skipper, all you need is a cocktail in one hand and suntan lotion in the other! They are easily reachable by boat, and you will get to see the mesmerizing landscape surrounded by a splendid backdrop of white cliffs protecting the exotic tropical beach. Take a swim in the clear blue waters, or head to the Egremni beach to lie down on the sandy shores and absorb the beauty of a stunning sunset. The beach is nestled under high and steep rocks and is a great spot to take a swim. 

From Nydri, you can also easily visit the island of Meganisi and witness the popular Sea Cave of Papanikolis. This was the place where the Greek submarine Papanikolis was hidden in WWII, and so it holds a great historic significance. From the boat, you get the opportunity to explore the cave and even swim in the waters surrounding it. From here, the small island of Kastos is quite near and can make for your next spot for a quick swim. One of the reasons for its high appeal is the fact that it’s undisturbed and away from the noisy and crowded tourist spots. You can have the calm and serene blue waters all to yourself, and feast on some traditional Greek cuisines at the sole village on the island. 

To ensure a comfortable and memorable sailing experience, rent a sailboat in Lefkas with skipper via Sailogy with experienced skippers that are warm and welcoming, and always willing to help you. The prices are affordable, and the lovely sailboats will provide a once in a lifetime experience amidst the tranquil waters of Lefkas.

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