Rent a Motorboat in Maddalena Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Maddalena Without Skipper

The islands of Maddalena are situated just off the coast of Sardinia, there are seven larger islands and more than 50 tiny ones, La Maddalena is the largest of the islands and can be reached in just 20 minutes by ferry from the port of Paulu, on the north coast of Sardinia.

The ferry service is great but the moment you start toward La Maddalena you’ll realize that, to really appreciate the stunning beauty of these islands, you need to rent a boat in Maddalena without a skipper. You’ll find some of the best beaches in Italy, where untouched sand meets crystal clear waters.

Maddalena is the main town on the island of La Maddalena and it’s a fascinating place to visit. This small group of islands has, at time, been difficult to classify, making it a smugglers’ paradise. Today the mark of all the different cultures passing through is clearly visible. 

You’ll be surprised at how busy and vibrant this town is, there are plenty of gift shops, cafes, restaurants, and an excellent atmosphere created by the friendly locals. It’s a good idea to take the 20km road that runs around the island. This can be completed on foot, bike, or by car. Be sure to stop at Spiaggia di Tegge, it’s a beautiful cove with a collection of odd, and slightly amusing, rocks on the water. You’ll also need to check out Cala Francese where you’ll find stunning pink granite rocks, and Carlotto, a small cape where the Madonnetta chapel sits by itself.

Perhaps the highlight of this island is the land bridge, it’s just 600 meters long and connects Caprera to La Maddalena. Walking across the bridge with nothing but sea below you is quite an experience. 

Caprera has been visited by several important military figures over the years but, potentially the most important was Garibaldi who was exiled here in the 19th century.

Alongside some stunning beaches, you’ll find the Garibaldi Museum. The Italian hero returned after his exile and bought land on the island, living there until he died. It’s also worth checking out the old military fort, The Batteria Poggio Rasu Superiore which gives a 360° view around the island. You can also head up the Teialone Tower, at 212 meters high it the tallest thing n the island, but you will need to take the stairs.

Of course, to really appreciate the main islands and all the tiny ones, you need to rent a motorboat in Maddalena without skipper and plot your own course. You can cruise around the two islands of Carprera and Maddalena in a day, admiring the hidden coves and secluded spots. You’ll also see the monuments you visited in a completely different light.

If you prefer you can take a little longer and stop at some of these idyllic places. Once you’re done, set course for the other larger islands and the many smaller ones. All of these are only accessible by boat and while there are tour trips, nothing beats the feeling of piloting your own boat into a forgotten cove. You may even be the first human to ever set foot on these beaches!

One thing is certain, the calm waters make navigation easy and the collection of islands means you’ll never be far from a photo opportunity.

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It’s an experience you’re sure never to forget.

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