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Boat Hire in Aegadian Islands

The exquisite mountainous cluster of Aegadian Islands is nestled in the northwest coast of Sicily in Italy. The three major islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, along with the two minor islands of Formica and Maraone are one of a kind and have a lot to offer. They have strong historic significance which is reflected in the caves of the island that highlight the Neolithic and Paleolithic art. One of the best ways to explore the beauty and brilliance of these islands is to rent a sailboat in Aegadian islands and set your voyage by sea. This not only gives you a chance to hit all the main attractions, but also allows for a more intimate and private experience with secluded bays and beaches only accessible by sea. 

The best thing about the Aegadian islands is that even with such a rich history and vibrant culture having influences on the main attractions and lifestyle, the place itself hasn’t changed over time. You’ll find unspoiled and secluded coves and bays, mountain paths that sore high and wide, and an extremely laidback atmosphere that’s perfect for a relaxing trip. Rent a sailboat in Aegadian islands and explore these beautiful islands with all the pristine beaches at your own pace. Each island has something unique to offer. For instance, you can find the famous “Grotta del Genovese” artwork in Levanzo. 

Favignana is also known as La farfalle as it has a charming butterfly shape when seen in aerial view. It is also the largest one of the island groups. The island lies 15kms off the coastline of Trapani. It is quite easy to rent a sailboat in Aegadian islands and explore this popular holiday destination with crystal clear, azure waters in pristine bays like Cala Rossa.  The main town is also named after the island and has a small port from where you can rent a sailboat in Aegadian islands. You’ll see the beautiful Fort of Santa Caterina here, which initially served as a watchtower made by Arabs. It was later enlarged and served as a prison. There’s a quaint little sandy beach in town that’s also accessible by sea, and the town itself has a very homely and comforting atmosphere. 

Favignana is quite famous for its idyllic coves, the most visited ones being Cala Azzurra, Cala Rotonda and Cala Rossa. You’ll also stumble upon many sea grottoes like Grotta dei Sospiri, Grotta Azzurra and Grotta degli Innamorati – also known as the Lover’s Cave. All of these caves can be visited when you rent a sailboat in Aegadian islands. It is also a good place for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Levanzo is one of the smallest islands of the five, and has a hilly backdrop, with the highest peak being Pizzo dei Monaco, standing erect at only 278m. You’ll get to explore dramatic rock cliffs and a handful of beautiful beaches with playful waves. The best thing about Levanzo is its minimalistic yet exotic and inviting ambiance. There’s a small village of Cala Dogana that isn’t overwhelming and gives you a few classy options for restaurants, hotels and shops. Enjoy the serene beauty of this stress-free island with boat trips, swimming and delightful local cuisines.

 If you wish to rent a sailboat in Aegadian islands with or without a skipper, try Sailogy. It offers some truly wonderful options of spacious sailboats that’ll help you plan a memorable trip to the lovely Aegadian islands. Sailogy has trained and professional skippers, and helps in planning the itinerary that covers all the main attractions, as well as watersports to indulge in. Enjoy the sailboats at a good value and hop on aboard for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

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