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Napoli, where the pizza's reign began - Sailogy

Napoli, where the pizza's reign began

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Whilst Naples is hailed as one of Italy’s most popular shopping destinations, stray away from the bustling shopping streets and brightly lit shopping centres in favour of Naples Antiques Market, located on Viale Antonio Dohrm, or Via San Gregorio's Christmas Alley for an authentic sampling of local shopping. Providing a wonderfully welcome escape back to the past, the Naples Antiques Market will keep you occupied for hours whilst the local park and mini roller rink is an ideal treat for the children. Alternatively, the Christmas Alley is a seasonal favourite with returning tourists and locals alike, for an entirely unique and wholly festive experience.

Everyone knows that Naples has the best pizza in the world, and if you didn’t then one trip to Starita will get you up to speed. Since 1901 loyal fans have been queuing round the block to get their hands on the margheritas pulled fresh out of the oven here. Other flavours are on offer, but too many ingredients begin to overpower the simplicity of the raw ingredients. It’s no-frills, but then most order and eat on the streets by the door (Via Matardei 27).

You don’t have to eat pizza to eat Napolitano and that’s certainly the case at La Cantinella (Via Nazario Sauro 23). While pizza doesn’t rank high on the menu here, that’s not to say that tradition gets thrown out the window – as per most Italian restaurants there are more courses than you can shake a stick at, at this stylish option, and the seafood is by far the best. Not too far from the epicentre of Opera, it’s worthwhile making an evening of dressing up and heading out for a classic foray while in Naples. The San Carlo Theatre is one of the oldest opera houses in the world and is the finest the city has to offer, hosting both classical opera and ballet performances (Via San Carlo 98).
The Chaia area is as cool as Naples gets and come Saturday night the fashionable residents are bustling around the bar in S’move (Vico dei Sospiro 10A). Nouveau vintage would be the best way to describe the setting – there’s a vinyl-only policy and lava lamps hug the walls, but this is Italy, and the glitterati are dressed impeccably.