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Palermo. Then everything else. - Sailogy

Palermo. Then everything else.

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Palermo, the colourful capital of Sicily, is a sensual mix of culture, modernity and excitement. In between visits to the San Giovanni degli Eremiti, a stunning, domed building that displays Italian architecture at its finest, and local cathedrals, don't forget to pay Vucciria Market a visit. Brimming with Mediterranean delights for all, the market boasts fresh local cuisine, authentic crafts and clothing at the head of fashion. For an unforgettable evening exploration, tackle the winding side streets in classic 1950's style with a tour on a three-wheeler ape.

Since the Slow Food movement started in Sicily restaurants have been upping their game. No more so than Osteria Paradiso, which entered the movement’s bible – the Osterie d’Italia in 2010. The most succulent gamberoni you’ll find in the city are served here and the cassata siciliana dessert will ensure that you leave on a sugar-high if nothing else (Via Serradifalco 23). All things “loft” are on-trend, yes? Yes. If you can’t live in one then at least hang out in one, and Palermo boasts a shiny new loft and the good news is it’s a lounge-bar. With free entry, art installations, live bands, cool cocktails and a finger-on-the-pulse crowd, Loft has all the ingredients for a stupendous night out (Mazzini 46).

While slow food, local food and restaurant food all flourish in Sicily, street food is what really gets tastebuds going. The closest you’ll get to actually trying a real Sicilian nonna’s cooking, sfinciuni is found on Palermo’s market stalls and in local bakers across the island. The thick pizza-bread costs less than a couple of euros and while traditionally made with anchovies, oregano, tomato and cheese, there are plenty of sweet and savoury varieties out there.