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Sailboats and lifestyle at its best in Liguria - Sailogy

Sailboats and lifestyle at its best in Liguria

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Situated in the Province of Savona in the Liguria district of Italy, Loano is a quaint and beautiful seaside city, tucked away in the north of the country by the Ligurian Sea.
Visit the historical town centre for a shopping emporium full of traditional craftsmen's workshops and independent boutiques offering local products to add an authentic Italian touch to clean white linens and gold accents.
Flanked with palm trees and glittering waters, the seaside shopping experience leaves little else to the imagination, so prepare to leave with your pursestrings a little worn to wear and a suitcase brimming with trinkets and rustic crafts.

Home to the quietly stunning Marina di Loano, the port is often referred to as the ‘hidden gem of the Mediterranean’, with its promenade highly acclaimed by locals and visitors alike. Take a walk on the beach or along the pier, a home away from the bustling city, and feast your eyes on the visually stunning umbrellas that are famously propped up on the sands at all times.

For a less tourist-focused experience away from the Riviera, the Grotte di Toirano, a short distance from the city, displays some of the world’s most astounding natural rock formations. Guided tours are available throughout the day to explore the enormous cave, full of stalactites and stalagmites that’ll tantalise the eyes.