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Sailing adventures in Skiathos - Sailogy

Sailing adventures in Skiathos

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Prise yourself away from your boat in Skiathos and head to Skiathos Town to indulge in some shopping, and ebb away your concerns. Whilst you won't find any department stores here, head to Papadiamantis, the main shopping street, to find an excellent selection of designer stores paired with independent boutiques that sell handicrafts and fashions amongst more.
If you're feeling a little more daring and a little more lucky, step onto the side streets of Papadiamantis to find bargainous treasures, leather goods, linens and jewelry, and experience the full Skiathos shopping escapade.

Are you an athlete looking for an adventure? Take plenty of water with you and climb up to the Ancient City. No kidding, there is a path to get to the old Skiathos Town that climbs up the cliffs and the journey may take 30 to 50 minutes. It’s very sunny there, so it’s better for you to wear a hat and put on tons of sunscreen.


Down at the old port of Skiathos is where you’ll find a quaint cluster of terrific tavernas whose tables are all shaded under the branches of ancient trees. Amfiliki is just on the edge of this group of reliable eateries, attached to the hotel of the same name (Skiathos Town). The chef specialises in local cuisine and the monkfish in spicy sauce is the dish not to miss while you’re here.
With weather as hot as this why would you choose to party anywhere but the beach while on Skiathos? Luckily, Vromolimnos has opened its white sandy beaches for all manner of excitement. There’s a restaurant serving local cuisine, a long stretch of secluded sand for bathers and most importantly – sundown parties that usually end up with guests splashing in the sea (Porto Paradiso, Vromolimnos Beach).

Want to feel Greek for one night? Experience a “bouzouki” night, a traditional greek musical instrument that creates a memorable atmosphere. Or you can just relax in one of the bar in the southwest of the city, listening to lounge music and sipping shots of Ouzo.