Rent a Boat in Lefkas

Rent a Boat in Lefkas

Boat Hire in Lefkas

The magnificent and brilliantly blue coastal paradise of Lefkas awaits your welcome. The beautiful beaches offer a variety of experiences for adventure and nature lovers alike, with calm and serene waters to sail through, and sparkling golden coastlines ideal for kitesurfing, sunbathing and lazy evening strolls. Rent a boat in Lefkas with Sailogy and explore this gorgeous island by sea.

Rent a Catamaran in Lefkas With Skipper

Most people choose to rent a catamaran in Lefkas with skipper. This allows for a laidback and unwinding trip, where you can enjoy the spacious catamaran and sip on your favorite cocktails, while the trained skipper takes you through the most beautiful landscapes of the island.

Rent a Sailboat in Lefkas With Skipper

What’s better than discovering the hidden gems of Lefkas with a mimosa in one hand and suntan lotion in the other? Rent a sailboat in Lefkas with skipper to have a comfortable and laidback sailing experience with a trained skipper knowing all the best attractions and secluded bays of Lefkas. It is a safer option for those who don’t have much expertise in sailing themselves, as Sailogy provides an expert skipper to help you unveil all the different layers of this mesmerizing island.

Rent a Sailboat in Lefkas Without Skipper

If you wish to be the captain of your own boat, rent a sailboat in Lefkas without skipper. It gives you the freedom and space to design your own itinerary, and enjoy all the beauty and natural landscape Lefkas has to offer at your own pace and convenience. With proper license and training, you can conquer the waters of Ionian Sea and set out on an adventurous voyage of your own.

Rent a Motorboat in Lefkas

Sailing with a motorboat is a faster way that gives you a more personalized and private experience to feel empowered. Whether you wish to rent a motorboat in Lefkas with or without a skipper, Sailogy gives you many options to choose from and decide what fits you best.

Rent a Motorboat in Lefkas With Skipper

Nothing’s better than relaxing and unwinding on a thrilling motorboat trip, while a trained skipper takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of the island. Rent a motorboat in Lefkas with skipper, and absorb all the natural beauty around you without any worries.

Rent a Motorboat in Lefkas Without Skipper

If you are an adventure seeker who wants to have a secluded experience of exploring the main attraction of Lefkas, you can rent a motorboat without skipper and take charge of it yourself. This is a great option for pro-sailors to flaunt their skills and enjoy what they know best, while discovering some truly amazing sceneries and landscapes all around the island.

Rent a Catamaran in Lefkas

Catamarans are a luxurious option that gives you the space and comfort of a luxury cruise while sailing around the turquoise waters of Lefkas. When you rent a catamaran in Lefkas through Sailogy, you can rest assured of your safety and comfort with the best features and a personalized itinerary to fit your style and taste.

Rent a Sailboat in Lefkas

Imagine sailing through crystal clear, deep blue water with a surreal backdrop of mountains, as wind blows through your hair and calms your senses. When you rent a sailboat in Lefkas, you can have a truly serene and wonderful experience amidst the natural beauty. Sailogy has a number of beautiful sailboats with or without a skipper to fit your need, and give you a once-in-a-lifetimes nautical experience.

Rent a Catamaran in Lefkas Without Skipper

It takes a certain level of expertise to sail a catamaran on your own. If you have that license and experience, you owe it to yourself to show off those precious skills by renting a catamaran in Lefkas without skipper, and taking charge of your adventures and nautical experience in your own hands.