Rent a Boat in Maddalena

Boat Hire in Maddalena

Why stay in a hotel or even an Airbnb when you can rent a boat in Maddalena and become the master of your own destiny?

There are 7 large islands and approximately 55 tiny islands, known as isolotti, in the archipelago of La Maddalena and it really is paradise.

Sandwiched between Sardinia and Corsica, these islands have a distinctly Italian feel while appearing more like a rugged Caribbean island than one sat in the Mediterranean.  The majority of the residents live on La Maddalena, the largest of the islands and, thanks to the presence of a large NATO base didn’t need to make money from tourism until the base closed in 2008.

Today, people are just starting to discover how beautiful these islands are, but the best way to explore them properly is by boat, there’s an abundance of secluded coves to discover, turquoise seas and clean beaches that appear never to have been touched by humans.

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Take your experience up another level by renting a motorboat with skipper. They’ll take care of everything for you, all you have to do is tell them where you want to go and allow them to show you some of the hidden wonders.

Maddalena is a relatively recent tourist destination which means there are plenty of unspoiled places to find. You can also motor into the main town on La Maddalena and enjoy some of the best hospitality anywhere in the Med. 

Catamarans tend to have more space in a smaller boat, making it a good option for improved maneuverability. The shallow hull ensures you can get up close to any island and really feel like you’re an explorer in a brave new world.

 Simply take a look at what boats Sailogy has to offer and book your vessel for the trip of a lifetime to the Maddalena archipelago today! This is one experience you’ll never forget.

Theirs is something exquisitely charming and satisfying about renting a sailboat in Maddalena. We have a huge choice of options, ranging from the smaller 25ft yachts to 45ft plus. It simply depends on which size suits you.

Of course, you can skipper the sailboat yourself, if you have enough experience. Or, you can simply sit back and let someone else skipper the boat for you.

If you don’t have enough experience with sailing to feel confident sailing a luxury sailboat in Maddalena then you can still enjoy the pleasure of the wind in your sails by renting a sailboat in Maddalena with skipper.

The skipper will take the boat where you want to go as you thread your way around this beautiful archipelago. Spare some time to let the skippers show you something special, since they have excellent local knowledge and can delight you with sights you wouldn’t find by yourself.

If you’ve got the license then rent a sailboat in Maddalena without skipper and unfurl the mainsail yourself. 

You’ll find an abundance of turquoise waters lapping at white sandy shores, many of which are best accessed by boat. Enjoy the feeling of getting lost as you sail around this group of islands, knowing that the main island is never too far away, and so are the friendly locals.

Sailboats are great but sometimes the only real option is to rent a motorboat in Maddalena. There’s no wasted deck space with ropes and masts or risk of tripping as you scurry to bring the jib around. Instead, you’ll find that every one of our motorboats offers you a life of luxury.

They’re spacious and well equipped, allowing you to enjoy seeing everything Maddalena has to offer in style.

Check out the variety of motorboats available to rent and book your trip today! 

A skipper means you won’t get lost and you’ll see some places that you wouldn’t otherwise find. But, it may dampen the sense of adventure. Rent a motorboat in Maddalena without skipper and you’ll have the freedom of the high seas.

Whether you want to feel like a pirate or an explorer, you’ll love the experience of cruising across the open water.

Don’t forget you’ll need a license to rent a motorboat over 30hp.

If you’re still not sure which is the right boat for you then you should consider a catamaran. You can rent a catamaran in Maddalena and choose between motor or sail. You’ll find that catamarans are surprisingly spacious, thanks to their twin hull design.

They’re also smooth which could be a plus if some of your crew are not so used to the sea. 

Take a look at the catamarans Sailogy has to offer, there is something for everyone, whether you need a skipper or not.

Rent a catamaran in Maddalena with skipper and you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of sailing and the luxury of a motorboat all in one go. 

Simply tell the skipper which islands you want to see and how you envision your holiday going and then sit back and enjoy the ride. Renting a catamaran with skipper is a great way to get the best of both worlds.