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Catamaran Hire in Lefkas

Lefkas offers an exquisite spot for luxury vacation on a fine Greek coastline extending to wide stretches of pristine beaches with a lush mountainous backdrop. The tropical paradise of Lefkas steals you away from the triviality of ordinary life, and brings you close to nature to calm and unwind your senses. One of the best ways to explore the beauty of the island is to rent a catamaran in Lefkas and explore it by sea. This gives you an advantage over mainland, as many secluded and isolated spots around the island are only reachable by sea, giving you an intimate tour of the island unlike a typical tourist. 

Lefkas is a beauty that demands to be discovered with its many layers and hidden gems. The world famous beaches are vibrant and robust, offering watersports that gets the adrenaline pumping, and refined shorelines that compel you to soak your feet in the warm golden sand as the waves washes away your troubles and worries. In addition to this, when you rent a catamaran in Lefkas, you can also visit the less explored and practically sheltered beaches that don’t get much crowd even during peak holiday seasons. With large rocky shores and white pebbled shingle and sand, you will fall in love with the peace and tranquility of these serene beaches with deep turquoise waters that are calm, and invite you to take a dip and let the sun warm up your skin. 

Some of the neighboring islands and pristine villages can also be toured via sea, with some of them not allowing tourists to land, therefore the only way to enjoy their beauty is through sailing across the coast and to rent a catamaran in Lefkas. The island covers around an area of 302, offering something truly unique and exciting to all its visitors. As a catamaran is quite spacious, it gives you the opportunity to bring along a large group of family and friends. Whether you wish to rent a catamaran in Lefkas with or without a skipper, you are in for the time of your life with the variety of options and the amazing main attractions that you get to access by sailing the calm waters of the island. 

One of the most highly recommended places to explore in Lefkas is Porto Katsiki. It is a very famous beach on the island, with miles upon miles of deep blue waters protected by vertical cliffs and encircled with white sandy shores. It is only 40kms away from Lefkas and offers both a calm and relaxing experience, and an adventurous thrill with activities like windsurfing and diving. But one beach is not enough to satiate your cravings for a nautical tourism. Rent a catamaran in Lefkas and sail out to a number of pristine beaches like Tsoukalades, Kathismas, Agios Nikitas and Egremni. Sailing across the sea also gives you the opportunity to explore the Greek culture in a very unique and different way. 

Depending on your taste and personal preferences, Sailogy presents a wide range of options to rent a catamaran in Lefkas. You can select the catamaran that best fits your personality and needs, including the number of cabins, the option of renting it with or without a skipper, and the help of experts in deciding the perfect itinerary to have the best trip of your life. The cost effective prices and variety offered by Sailogy is unmatched, and makes your trip much more enjoyable and safe. To enhance your experience on a catamaran, make sure that you bring plenty of sunscreen and comfortable shoes to explore the villages, and kick back with some drinks in the many tasteful bars located on the shores of Lefkas.

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