Rent a Motorboat in Malta With Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Malta With Skipper

There are many beautiful places to visit in the Mediterranean but Malta is one place that should really top your list. It sits approximately 50 miles south of Italy and enjoys a warm, sunny climate. But, it’s more than just the weather that should make you rent a motorboat in Malta with skipper, it’s the stunning natural rock formations, the deep blue water, and the history of these islands.

Malta is actually the largest of 5 Maltese Islands, 2 of which are very small and uninhabited. There is evidence of civilizations having been on these islands for in excess of 7,000 years! In fact, you’ll find a megalithic temple complex in Hagar Qim which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are Solstice and Equinox doorways which have to be seen to be believed.

You’ll also need to visit the Silent City of Mdina. You can’t take your boat here as it sits on a hill in the center of the island. It was the capital city and is still inhabited. You’ll pass through a huge gateway and find a city straight from your historical texts. 

But, you’re here to enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean, there is no better way to see Malta than from the deck of a motorboat. The beauty of renting a motorboat in Malta with skipper is that you don’t need a license and the skipper will show you a variety of places that you may not have found by yourself. Their local knowledge is invaluable.

The current capital city, Valletta, is actually built on a peninsula that is just 1km by 600m, on one side is the Grand Harbor, on the other is the Marsamxett Harbor, which has Manoel Island dominating the center of it.

The Grand Harbor is actually the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean, it’s worth taking a day to sail around it, you’ll find small coves to enjoy and 3 other towns, all looking directly at Valletta. It’s worth noting that the capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s defined as a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen’.

The clean lines have a modern feel, you’ll enjoy checking out Upper Barrakka Gardens, the impressive Parliament Building, and St John’s Co-Cathedral, it’s known as one of the greatest Baroque cathedrals in the world!

Then it’s time to start the motor and tell your skipper to explore the coastline. As you travel north along the edge of the island you’ll note there are a number of secluded bays, many only accessible by boat. 

On the northern coast you’ll motor past St Pau’s Island, a small island sat outside St Paul’s Bay, it’s worth a look. Traveling on you’ll find the stunning beach of Mellieha. It’ a large cove with plenty of golden sand, surrounded by excellent facilities. You’ll find everything you need here.

You’ll need to spend a little time looking at Popeye’s Village. Originally a film set built-in 1979 for the movie, it has remained standing since and is now a fascinating tourist attraction. 

From the north, it’s a quick cruise across the water to Comino, the smallest of the three inhabited islands and one where no cars are allowed. This really is the perfect example of getting back t nature. You’ll note as you motor around the island that the water is crystal clear. This is a fantastic place to do some snorkeling or even scuba diving.

Don’t forget to check out Blue Lagoon Bay, it’s a beautiful spot but can get busy in the daytimes.

You can continue to explore by cruising on to Gozo, where you’ll want to take a look at some of the beautiful seaside towns and you’ll find an abundance of small beaches waiting to be discovered by you. It will feel like you’re the first person to ever step ashore. You should also take a look at the spot where the famous Azure Window used to stand, sadly destroyed in a storm.

The south of Malta is also worth a look if you have time with your boat. Of particular note is the village of Marsaxlokk, famous for the eyes painted on all its boats. The Hypogeum in Paola is also an important site, the only one of its kind in the world! It’s n underground temple with the remains of approximately 7,000 people. The visitor numbers are strictly limited though, so you’ll need to book first.

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