Rent a Sailboat in Malta With Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Malta With Skipper

Almost anyone can jump into a motorboat and slide the throttle, powering away from the port. It takes skill to pilot a sailboat into open waters and get it to go where you want, especially when the wind is against you. 

It’s awesome feeing and one that you can experience even if you don’t know how to sail! Simply rent a sailboat in Malta with skipper and they’ll take care of the hard work, allowing you to enjoy the experience.

There are many beautiful places in the world but Malta offers a great opportunity for sailing. Because of its location, there is always enough wind to carry you where you need to go.

The starting point is the capital city, Valletta. This has two harbors and actually sits inside the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean. You’ll want to start your sailing experience by drifting gently around the 3.6km long harbor. It’s the best way of seeing Valletta and the surrounding towns. Take a moment to appreciate this, the past blends perfectly with the present in this collection of cities and the natural harbor.

You’ll want to head north out of the harbor towards the islands of Gozo and Comino.  As you travel along the coast keep your eyes open for hidden inlets and coves to explore, there are plenty to try. When you reach St Paul’s Bay if you look away from and you’ll see St Paul’s Islands. This small island is uninhabited and has a statue of St Paul dating back to 1845. It’s also a great vantage point and you’ll find the waters here are usually very calm.

Further along the coast, on the north side of the island, you’ll find Paradise Bay. This is actually one of the smallest beaches on the island but it’s enveloped in greenery and has crystal clear waters, making it one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Surprisingly, it's not usually that busy.

From here you’ll find it’s a short trip to Gozo, where you’ll find stunning beaches and an abundance of seabed flora, fauna, and other activity. This is one place you’ll need to anchor up and dive overboard. Gozo is also home to Dwejra Bay. This stunning setting provides a completely calm space of water where you can drop anchor. You’ll also need to check out the inland sea, the spot where the Azure Window stood, and the Fungus Rock which used to be heavily guarded by the Knights of Malta!

Gozo also has Ramla Bay, which literally translates as ‘red sandy beach’. Put simply, the sand is red. There is nothing else around this beach, making your sailboat the easiest way to get here and enjoy nature at its best.

Don’t forget on your way to Gozo or on the way back to stop at Comino and take a look at the delightful emerald waters of the Blue Lagoon. A natural bay with sandy beaches and a fantastic spot for snorkeling.

You’ll also find a host of caves, known as the Santa Marija Caves, along the adjacent shoreline. Enter at your own risk!

Rent a sailboat in Malta with a skipper and they’ll know where to take you to ensure you experience all the delights this part of the Mediterranean has to offer. By having a skipper you can relax and enjoy the adventure. 

All you need to do is take a look at and choose the sailboat you want. Our first-class customer service team is there to help you through every step of the process!

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