Rent a Sailboat in Maddalena With Skipper

Sailboata Hire in Maddalena With Skipper

Many people haven’t heard of the Maddalena archipelago, the group of 7 larger islands and in excess of 50 tiny ones is often overlooked as it's situated between Sardinia and Corsica. In fact, you can get to the main island of Maddalena in 20 minutes from the Sardinian port of Palau and they are geologically connected to Gallura in north-east Sardinia.

To overlook these islands means you’re missing out. Most of the tiny islands are unpopulated but there are an abundance of turquoise lagoons and stunning white sandy beaches, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the Caribbean. The main island has a lot to offer; in order to really appreciate this paradise you need to rent a sailboat though.

If you don’t have a sailboat license then a skipper is essential. But even if you’re an experienced sailor, you can rent a sailboat in Maddalena with a skipper and discover the places you’re unlikely to find by yourself.

If you’ve ever fancied being the first person to step onto a beautiful and deserted island then this is the way to do it, even if you’re not actually the first, it will feel like it.

The best way to start is by checking out the main town, La Maddalena. This town is full of character having adopted traits from all the different cultures that have passed through. However, it should be said there is a distinct Italian vibe although, thanks to the now-closed NATO base, English is widely spoken and the locals are extremely friendly and eager to help. 

You’ll need to take a stroll through the oldest part of the town, Piazza Garibaldi, include Piazza Umberto I and Via XX alongside a visit to the fish market to really get a feel of the town’s character. It’s also a good idea to take the time to check out Porticciolo di Cala Gavetta, it’s said that this is the most suggestive view on the island and one that you’ never forget.

Sobborgo Moneta has its own dialect that sounds like the locals are singing to you it’s a beautiful experience that will make you want to stay forever.

Another experience that you simply can’t miss is the Passo della moneta, it’s the bridge that connects the largest island of Maddalena to one of the other islands, Caprera. The bridge is 600 meters long and you can walk over it. That’s an experience you won’t forget.

It’s also worth taking a look at La Maddalena national park, you’ll find a landscape like no other teaming with marine and terrestrial life. 

But, to really appreciate the archipelago, you need to rent a sailboat in Maddalena with skipper and sail gently around the island. You’ll find secluded coves and really understand the beauty of this island. You can also sail to the smaller island of Budelli where you’ll find the Pink beach, the sand really is pink!

If you’re looking for an exotic holiday with a touch of adventure then the Maddalena archipelago is the place to go. Enjoy the island before setting sail, with or without skipper, to experience the rest of the islands. You can take a look at what sailboats Sailogy has to offer, there is certain to be one that appeals, simply contact us and arrange to rent a sailboat in Maddalena with skipper and you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

That’s the beauty of Sailogy, we don’t just offer boats, we give the very best customer service and you’ll appreciate the convenience of having a skipper do all the hard work for you.

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