Rent a Sailboat in Maddalena Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Maddalena Without Skipper

If you have a sailboat license then you’ve probably already thought about renting a sailboat for your next vacation. You may not have considered Maddalena. You can rent a sailboat in Maddalena without skipper and traverse the generally calm Tyrrhenian Sea while checking out the archipelago. 

You’ll find 7 larger islands and more than 50 tiny ones just waiting to be explored. The sailing is relatively easy although the ports can get crowded during the summer months. That means precision steering to get your boat into its dock. The good news is that there is generally no wind at night, allowing you to simply more in open sea.

The simplest way to start your vacation is to catch a ferry from Palau on the northern coast of Sardinia. You’ll be in Maddalena within 20 minutes, but don’t jump straight onto your sailboat, this is the largest of the islands and well worth a visit first.

The liveliest part of this island is the Piazza Garibaldi, it’s also one of the oldest areas in the town. That makes it a must-visit, you can appreciate the blend of architecture, influenced by the various different cultures that have adopted the islands in the past.

You’ll also note that there is a distinctly Italian feel, despite the islanders feeling they are independent of Sardinia and Italy.

After checking out the main town of La Maddalena you’ll need to look at the La Maddalena National Park, it’s a unique landscape with an abundance of marine and land-based life, some of which you’ll never have seen before. It’s a good idea to take the panoramic road around the island, it’s designed to be walked and will allow you to appreciate the stunning sky, view the surrounding sea as well as the coastline of other islands, and really feel at one with nature.

As part of this, you’ll come across the Passo Della Moneta, a 600-meter long bridge that connects La Maddalena to the next island in the chain, Caprera. You can walk across the bridge and be completely surrounded by sea, it’s a surreal experience.

Caprera is also worth looking at. It’s regarded as the second most important island in the archipelago and has a host of tributes to Garibaldi, who was exiled here in the 19th century and subsequently bought land.

You’ll want to see the Compendio of Garibaldi, (his house), the Relitto beach, and the stunning museum, Museo del mare e delle tradizioni marinaresche.

Of course, you’re here to rent a sailboat in Maddalena without a skipper because, despite the beauty of the island, the only way to enjoy all these islands is by sea.

You’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean as you sail between the many islands, most of which are uninhabited. Drop anchor and visit any island you wish, you’ll feel like a true explorer but you’ll have the comfort of the boat behind you and the friendly locals not too far away!  

Sailogy are here to help you select the best possible sailboat to rent in Maddalena without skipper, or even with a skipper if you prefer. We have an array of different sized boats for you to choose from and we’ll guide you through every step of the process.

Simply choose the size of boat and the number of berths you need, confirm you have a sailboat license, and we’ll take care of everything else, allowing you to sail off into the turquoise waters, destination almost unknown!

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