Rent a Sailboat in Lefkas Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Lefkas Without Skipper

The pristine coastline of Lefkas inspires every ocean lover to hop on board and tour the tropical paradise by sea. One of the most appealing options for experienced sailors is to rent a sailboat in Lefkas without skipper. It is convenient and affordable, and allows you to have a more personalized trip and an active sailing vacation. In order to rent a sailboat in Lefkas without skipper, you’ll need an appropriate qualification or license, as well as some experience with handling a sailboat all by yourself to stay safe and get the best out of your trip. 

One of the top reasons that inspire experienced sailors to rent a sailboat in Lefkas without skipper, is to enjoy an intimate and private beach vacation. Lefkas is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world – most of them secluded and only accessible by sea. This gives you a chance to steer your boat in the right direction and have a one-of-a-kind beach vacation by connecting with nature while also dodging the huge swarm of tourists. We have a few ideas in store for you for a perfect beach vacation in Lefkas

Sail to the breathtaking Porto Katsiki beach, which is the most popular and iconic spot in Lefkas. The beach offers an unparalleled backdrop of majestic vertical cliffs soaring high into the foggy sky, and a lovely shoreline adorned with white pebbles that outline the deep turquoise waters. Explore this lovely beach in the southwestern region of the Ionian Sea, and rent a sailboat in Lefkas without skipper to ditch the curvy and long asphalt road to get here. The mountains laden with lush green vegetation, the crisp pine trees and rolling hills fill the air with an earthy aroma, overwhelming your senses and making them blend in with the unspoiled beauty around. Stop by for refreshments at bars situated on top of the cliffs with panoramic views of the beach. 

If you are looking for a more romantic detour, turn your sails towards the Megali Petra and Kavalikefta. They are only a short distance from the settlement of Kalamitsi, and run through the western coastline of Lefkas. The twin beaches have sandy shores with shining golden sand and giant rocks that can be used to lay back and relax while enjoying the majestic views. The cliffs enclose calm and tranquil sea ideal for swimming. They offer a more private and secluded experience for honeymooners. 

Mylos Beach is an unspoiled and untouched location that’s easily accessible via sailboats. The calming atmosphere helps you unwind and relax while absorbing all the breathtaking beauty around you. Another lovely beach to explore by renting a sailboat in Lefkas is the Kathisma beach. It is nestled down the West coast, and has a close proximity to the Agios Nikitas Village. The waves invite surfers to mount on their surfing boards for a thrilling time amidst a beautiful natural atmosphere. If you are looking or a more relaxed and laid-back experience, sail to the Afteli beach, which appears like a dwarf in front of the giant beaches surrounding it. You’ll fell in love with the exotic tropical beauty of the emerald sea, sitting like a tiny jewel in the vast beauty of Lefkas

To ensure a comfortable sailing experience at a great value when you rent a sailboat in Lefkas without skipper, look through the offers at Sailogy with a variety of options tailored to every individual’s needs. It will be an experience you’ll never forget when done the right way and through reliable resources. With the options at Sailogy, you can rent a beautiful sailboat to explore the Ionian Sea of the quaint Greek Island of Lefkas, and flaunt your expertise as a pro sailor by enjoying a sailboat without skipper. 

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