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Hire a boat in the Ionian Islands

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Ionian Islands

Charter a boat in Lefkas

From Lefkas you can adventure in the Ionian Archipelago on a sailboat If you are looking for a sailing holiday in the Ionian Sea rent your sailboat in Lefkas and you will not be disappointed: this base is the ideal departure point for cruises in the area and Sailogy has ...

Charter a sailboat in Corfu

From Corfu you can sail the Ionian Archipelago Rent a boat in Corfu and sail off the western shores of Greece. The island of Corfu is the second largest island in the Ionian Archipelago. With over 200 km of coastline and its northern tip reaching into Albania, Corfu is one ...
Ionian Islands

Fashion victims meet up in Lefkas

Lefkas comprises a multiplicity of large offshore islets, making it a prime destination for sailing. While you can't step foot on the fortified Skorpios - for good reason, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani bought the islet for a reported £120m - excursion boats regularly call for the benefit of fashion ...

Amazing Holidays, Enthralling Sailing Experiences in Corfu

Rent a Boat In Corfu – Amazing Holidays, Enthralling Sailing Experiences Corfu is a beautiful place with rich history. To the north, you see magnificent, cragged mountains. Inside, you find the countryside that is beautiful in its own right. Every corner seems to have its own enchanting history. Go sailing ...