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7 days itinerary - Discovering Ionian Greece - Sailogy

7 days itinerary - Discovering Ionian Greece

Rent a boat in Ionian Greece and discover this amazing destination with a 1 week charter

The Ionian Islands of Greece are certainly one of the most popular Greek destinations, thanks to the beauty of its uncontaminated sea between rocks and white beaches, in a unique natural setting, with dense forests and Mediterranean vegetation, uncommon among the Aegean islands, usually rather arid.
The Ionian Islands can be described as the absolute negation of the typical stereotype of Greece. When we think about the Greek islands, we immediately imagine landscapes of white houses and blue roofs, close to barren mountains and with the background of a turquoise and crystal clear sea. On the other hand, the Ionian Islands present a totally different scenario from that of the Cyclades or the Dodecanese. Never forget also that, while in the Aegean culture still bears the obvious traces of influences of the East and the rule of the Ottoman Empire, here you can breathe the air of the West. Just think that in ancient times these islands were an integral part of the Maritime Republic of Venice for over 500 years. 

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Day 1 - Corfu


A sailing holiday in Corfu is perfect for anyone who wants to dive into crystal clear waters, explore hidden beaches and coves and, at the same time, discover a past, studded with different dominations, such as the Angevin, that of the Venetian Republic, but also the English and French.
In the city, you can discover the elegant Venetian-style palaces, squares and paved alleys, Byzantine fortresses and white monasteries, without sacrificing the beauty of the sea and sun.


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Day 2 - Parga


Along the coast of Epirus, there is Parga, a labyrinth of alleys, orthodox churches and white houses, among souvenir shops where traditional Greek products are sold. Near the port, right on the seafront, you will find the main restaurants and taverns in the city where you can enjoy delicious fish dishes.
Not to be missed is a visit to the Castle, which overlooks the city from a hilltop offering splendid views of both the sea and the city centre.


Day 3 - Paxi


The first place you land to when you arrive on the island of Paxi is the port city of Gaios, the main tourist centre of the island, where there are restaurants and bars.
Not to be missed is Lakka, the best starting point for some of the most fascinating caves and coves on the island, such as the beautiful cave of Ipapanti.
Another stopover is Porto Longos, one of the most charming places of Paxi, where every day arrive fishermen and greengrocers from the continent.

Day 4 - Antipaxi


Antipaxi is an uninhabited island, without a real city or residents, the human presence is limited to a few houses where inhabitants of nearby Paxi live, who here have crops or fishing activities.
As you approach, you will have a view of beaches with white sand and a sea of Caribbean colours.
On the island, there are few trattorias where you can enjoy fresh fish and local delicacies. 
You can walk around Antipaxi, among the olive and lemon trees.


Day 5 - Kefalonia


Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands. Here you can visit the famous beach of Myrtos, included among the thirty most beautiful in the world.
On the island, there are also many caves and inlets such as the Cave of the Nymphs in Lake Melissani, an underground freshwater lake, easily accessible by boat. Here you can admire a unique phenomenon, a mix of fresh and salt water inside the cave of the lake.
Not to be missed Fiskardo with its colourful houses in Venetian style. 


Day 6 - Ithaki


Ithaki is the perfect destination for those who love relaxation and tranquillity, rich in culture and history, with breath-taking beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for diving. 
Famous for being the birthplace of Ulysses, here are two sites dedicated to him: The Fountain of Arethusa and the Cave of the Nymphs.
Vathy is the vital centre of the island with clubs and restaurants, characterized by beautiful Venetian-style houses and its natural bay is home to dozens of sailing boats and yachts.

Day 7 - Meganissi


From the top, Meganissi looks like a floating crescent moon in the blue of the Ionian Sea, with a jagged coastline that creates natural caves and numerous coves and makes it even wilder.
Famous is the bay Spilla, from which you can climb up to the village of Spartachori. From here you will enjoy a splendid view of the breathtaking coastal landscape.
Spartachori is the largest village on the island, a set of winding roads that intersect with white and blue houses.