Rent a Catamaran in Malta With Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Malta With Skipper

A catamaran has two hulls which allow it to cut through the water faster, thanks to the bulb of the boat being above the waves. That’s great if you’re a keen sailor. But, even if you’re not you should rent a catamaran in Malta with skipper

This type of bat is more stable than mono hull boats, has plenty of space, and the skipper will handle all the laborious work of sailing or piloting the boat, leaving you free to enjoy the experience.

Malta is a fascinating island with a history that stretches back over 7,000 years. But, while you’ll need to allow sometime to explore the inner parts of the island, the best views and experiences are undoubtedly by boat.  

You’ll want to start your catamaran experience in Valletta, the capital of Malta. The city was built by the Knights of Malta hundreds of years ago and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s sits on a peninsula just 1km by 600km with a natural harbor on both sides. To the south is the Grand Harbor, the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean. 

All options are open to you as you cruise around the harbor on your way out to sea. You can head north along the coast and pass the secluded, and largely unknown, beach of Mgiebah Bay. Or you can simply drop anchor at a spot your skipper finds for you, there are plenty of beautiful options. As you head toward the northern tip you’ll come across St Paul’s Island, a small island St Paul’s Bay which is worth looking at. 

Just past this is Mellieha Bay, a massive cove with crescent-shaped beach. It’s one of the most popular on Malta. It’s worth dropping anchor and taking a look at the village of Mellieha, as well as the adjacent Popeye Village, originally a film set for the Popeye movie in 1979, it’s not a fascinating tourist attraction.

You can choose to sail down the western side of the island where there are a few small towns and plenty of secluded coves with deep blue waters. If you take this approach you’ll want to pause at Ghajn Tuffieha, a beautiful beach also known as Riviera Bay.

From the northern tip, you can also cruise across the Comino Channel to see the small island of Comino. No cars are allowed on this island, helping it to retain its natural charm. The water is crystal clear and there’s an abundance of sea life to discover. 

Cruise further on and you can take a look at Gozo, the site of the famous Azure Window which was sadly destroyed in storms. You’ll need to visit the Blue Lagoon, a stretch of water like no other, tranquil and stunningly beautiful. The exquisite Dwejra Bay is worth a look and so is the impressive Calypso Cave. 

Moving back to the lower part of Malta and you’ll find a series of caverns and caves to explore, known as Blue Grotto. You can also check out the village of Marsaxlokk which has the feel of a traditional fishing village and all the boats there have painted eyes on them. 

This part of the island is also home to Paola where you’ll find the only known prehistoric underground temple in the world. Visitor numbers here are limited, you’ll need to book first if you want to go inside.

Rent a catamaran in Malta with skipper and you’ll get to see all the best sites while being impressed with the affordability and quality of the boats we have to offer.

All you need to do is choose the number of berths and size of boat you need, then contact our first-class customer service team and we’ll navigate you through the entire process. You’re virtually guaranteed the holiday of a lifetime when you explore Malta by boat.

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