Sailing itineraries: discovering the best routes of Navigation

Sailing itineraries: discovering the best routes of Navigation

Rent a boat with or without skipper and embark to discover new routes with a 1 week charter

Renting a sailboat with or without a skipper does not necessarily mean just sailing, but a boat holiday is definitely the best way to discover new unexplored destinations and to visit different places every day.

Whether you want to sail the Mediterranean, discover the Caribbean islands, venture to the shores of Thailand or the northern seas of Europe, but also sail between the islands of the Seychelles or the Maldives, on Sailogy you will find the perfect boat for you in the right destination you are looking for.

On Sailogy we have more than 22,000 boats available in over 800 destinations worldwide, you just have to choose your itinerary, and we'll take care of the rest.

But, how to find the perfect destination for you and your crew?

You already know you want to go on a yacht trip, but you still don't know where. Take a look at our advice on chartering a sailboat or catamaran to a variety of destinations.

Discover the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea

Unspoiled nature and dream itineraries in Croatia

Dive into the seas of Croatia to discover the natural maritime beauty of this country and sail following the advice of our most popular routes.

If you are looking for peace and quiet of unspoiled nature follow the Kornati islands route. Set sail from Zadar and discover most of the islands in northern Croatia.

Feel like you want to enjoy nightlife, but still want to relax? Central Croatia's itinerary is the right one for you. Rent a boat with or without a skipper from Split or Trogir and discover the most beautiful cities scattered between the islands and the crystal clear sea of this fantastic country.

If, on the other hand, what you prefer for your holidays is a mix of sun, sea and culture, the best choice is to embark from Dubrovnik and follow the route of the South of Croatia and its islands. Discover this fantastic city, full of history and sail to discover the islands that surround it, you will be enchanted!

Sea, sun and fun among the blue of Greece

Greece is your dream, ours too! How can we not think of a boat holiday in the waves of a turquoise sea, without thinking of Greece?

Rent a boat with or without skipper from Corfu and discover the itinerary through the most beautiful islands of Ionian Greece. Let yourself be enchanted by cities of unexpected and atypical beauty, going down to Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Do you want to taste the real and original Greece? Sail from Athens to the islands of the Saronic Gulf. Dive into a sea you've never seen before and discover the beauties of the culture of ancient Greece by following our route suggestions.

If you are looking for nightlife and fun without giving up the taste of real Greece, rent your boat from Lavrio and set sail along the route to discover the Cyclades Islands. The lively and festive island of Mykonos, the white sandy beaches of Santorini and the hidden gems of Naxos are waiting for you!

Italian flavors and fragrances

Have you selected Italy as your country for your boat holidays? The choices about where to sail are many and totally different, but still beautiful and fascinating.

Discover the quiet, green and sunny Tuscany and embark on the route to visit the beautiful Island of Elba and all the other islands of the Archipelago.

If a boat holiday for you means crystal clear sea and white seabed, Sardinia is your destination. Discover the route of the Costa Smeralda between dream islands and unspoiled areas within the Maddalena Park.

Food, sun and Mediterranean scents are what you need during your holiday on a sailing yacht or a catamaran with or without skipper, then the Amalfi Coast is what you need. Discover the beautiful cities of southern Italy among flavors and colors typical of this region following the route of the coast and its islands.

Sea, sea and more sea are waiting for you if you choose Sicily and the Aeolian Archipelago as your destination for next summer. A perfect one-week itinerary between the Aeolian Islands is definitely the right one for you if you want to discover every day places, lands and islands completely different from each other. Set sail to discover these fantastic islands, you will be bewitched!